Computer Vision

Computer vision involves using Artificial Intelligence technology to extract meaningful insights from images, videos, and other visual data.

Edge Computing at Its Finest

Get instant A.I results without internet connection. Instant action and better transparency.

Use case for Computer Vision in Pitjarus
Natural Language Processing

NLP is meant to change human’s conversation skill used to solve problems in terms of the company’s service level so there will not be any human error.

Large Language Model

A super-smart technology that can be trained to understand and respond to all sorts of questions and prompts based on your own private data, while also generating the data into another data form that never existed before.

Use case for NLP in Pitjarus
Chat Commerce
Facilitate Online Shopping and Customer Interactions
Sentiment Analysis
Easily recognize positive or negative perspectives towards your business through social media and news portal.
Help Desk FAQ
Enable AI-Powered Chatbot to Solve the problem with fast response time.
Predictive Prescriptive Analytics

Utilized to forecast future outcomes based on historical data, algorithms, and statistical models.

Use case for Predictive Prescriptive Analytics in Pitjarus
Suggestion Order
Suggesting Order Based On the Historical Sales Data
Prescriptive Insight
Refers to recommendations that tell you what actions you should take to achieve a particular goal or solve a problem
Anticipate upcoming developments in your business for stakeholders