Our Retail, In- Store Execution, & Analysis System for Offline Store and Online Store powered by Artificial Intelligence. Jarvist will provides you real-time, reliable data and cost effective solution.

What You Will Get

Easily record your data by
taking pictures of your shelf
(Image Recognition)

Reliable and objective
data from Image
Recognition Results with up to 98% Accuracy*

Save up to 300% on
Shelf Measurement Time

Easily access the data report via Mobile App, Web, and Chatbot Assistant (WA, Line, FB Messenger)

Jarvist Modules

Offline Store Modules:

  • On Shelf Availability
  • Point of Sales Materials / Store Investment
  • New Product Development / Speed to Shelf
  • Space Share / Share of Facing
  • Competitor Activity
  • Planogram Compliance
  • Price Track

Online Store Modules:

  • Online Availability
  • Keywords Rank/Search Engine Optimization
  • Promotion Materials Tracker
  • Product Image Tracker
  • Product Name Tracker
  • Product Content Compliance
  • Price Tracker

How Image Recognition Works

1. MD will take photos of
product shelf via applications

2. Photos will be analyzed by
Machine Learning robot
(automated process)

3. Within minutes, HQ management
able to access detailed reports
of MD in-store activities

Ready to Get on Board?

With Pitjarus, your business will came in handy.


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