Our Logistics & Delivery Tracking System. With JARGIST, you can track all of your delivery process start from loading activity until your product safely delivered to your customer.

What You Will Get

fleet management

Inventory Control
and Management

Integrate your orders
until invoicing and
Account Receivable control

Automated & Optimized Route Generator

Jargist Modules

  • Inventory / Warehouse Management
  • Transport Management
  • Route Planning and Optimization
  • Drivers Tasks and Allocation
  • Detailed Delivery Process
  • Billing Management
  • In-Depth Analytic Report
  • Automated Insight & Issues Push Notification
  • Easily Access data via Web, Mobile App, and Chatbot Assistant (WA, Line, FB Messenger)

Ready to Get on Board?

With Pitjarus, your business will came in handy.


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